Rosemary Apartments

3632 N. Detroit Ave.

The Rosemary Apartments (Sold 1983. Closed 2007. Demolished 2023) was built in 1930 and owned by Dolphus J. Marleau, who owned the D.J. Marleau Hardware Company (created 1889), once located at Collingwood and Detroit. The Rosemary Apartment building was named after D.J. Marleau’s granddaughter and was built on the south side of the Ottawa River. When the river was shifted (c1969) to make way for the new Lagrange to Central expressway section, and Phillips Road extension, the building was then located on the north side of the river.

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A House Story

3244 Fairbanks Ave.

The house at 3244 Fairbanks (southeast corner of Fairbanks and Goodhue) used to sit on the south side of Central Avenue at present day Fairbanks, before the “Central Avenue Strip.” Fairbanks, on the south side of Central Avenue, didn’t exist at that time. Actually two houses were moved from that location and driven down Fairbanks and placed on prebuilt foundations. The other was the house now at 3243 Marsrow (southwest corner of Marsrow and Goodhue).

Image of the house when located on Central Avenue. Image taken from Central Avenue.
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