Russ Lumber and Supply Company, 6048 W. Central.

Russ Lumber & Supply Company (1959-1972). Grose Generator Service (c1970s). Grose later moved to Dorr Street near Reynolds. Gun World (c1980s) also did business at this address. Their sign is visible in the aerial pic. Various used car dealerships did business at this location through the late ’80s into the ’90’s. Possibly Jimal’s Bar for some time in the ’70s. Demolished c2020.

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Bob’s Market, 6625 W. Sylvania Ave.

Bob’s Market was owned and operated by Robert and Eleanor Hoover (of 4036 McCord Rd). Opened late 50’s/early ’60s. Operated 40+years. Now the Daniel Overmeyer Veterinary Center. I’m told Bob’s Market was a great old-timey kind of place for the local kids to trade their allowance for candy.

Former Bob’s Market.

Black Panther Carry-Out, 1215 Dorr St.

Operated by James Mitchell (former pro wrestler). Demolished. Mitchell’s most well known rivalry was with Gorgeous George. After retiring from the ring, Mitchell opened a store in the Toledo area called Black Panther Carryout. The walls of the store featured photos and memorabilia from Mitchell’s career, and locals would come in to talk wrestling in addition to shopping. He passed away in 1996 at the age of 87.