Donna’s Beauty Room, 5842 W. Central

Donna’s Beauty Room, owned by Donna [Swartz] Brockhoff, was located in a small strip mall on the northwest corner at Central Ave at Waldmar. Jim’s Pizza Paddle, Sterling Food Store, Sylvania Cycle Shop and Radio Shack were also located in the same strip mall. Opened in 1979. Closed in 1989. Most recently the location was a Subway Restaurant. Research shows Donna passed away in January 2, 1996. I recollect seeing many heads under hooded hair dryers when riding by the shop as a kid. The photo below shows the strip mall in 2007, many years removed from it’s glory days. It has since been remodeled and is now void of what little character it had, particularly the recessed-angled store fronts.

Central Avenue Snip, 6064 W. Central Ave.

Central Avenue Snip, 6064 W. Central Ave on the northeast corner at Fairbanks. Early ’80s hair salon owned by hair stylists Wes and Lisa Clark. The salon featured a large waterfall in the front. Previously the home of Grover and Mary Houke. Demolished. Small building directly next door was PDQ, a tennis racket shop/store.

Also at this location was Westwood Auto Leasing.