“Assorted Sin” – Mary Costello

A end gabled folk house on the 300 block of Nebraska Avenue. (John Curgil home, 350 Nebraska).

Mary Costello, born c1881 in Madison, Indiana, moved to Toledo in 1905 after being shot in the face in Louisville, Kentucky by her third and final husband. In 1930 Mary lived in “the slums” in the 300 block of Nebraska Avenue in Toledo and ran a “vice resort.” Anna Brierley was one of her “roomers.”

1930 Census
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Dr. Williams Office

 3409 N. Holland Sylvania Rd.

Dr. T.J. Williams medical building was located on the northwest corner of Bonsels Pkwy and Holland-Sylvania Rd. The property was purchased by Dr. Williams from Charles Kimple in November 1965. Kimple had owned the property since 1937. It assume the building was built between 1965 and 1969. June Njaims (retired 1992) was office manager for 29 years.

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Joseph “Junk Man Joe” Batdorf

Joseph Batdorf used to live at 3403 Zone Avenue in Sylvania Township. It was difficult to miss the place when passing by as a kid on my bike because his entire yard was filled with salvaged materials, with the exception of the driveway. I believe I bought a chrome BMX bike frame from him one time for a few dollars. I suspect American Pickers would have loved to get a look at some of the things Joseph had in that yard.

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