July, 1975

133 N. Erie St.

The original Caesars opened in the mid-1970s. It was owned by Joseph C. Wicks and located in the 100 block of Erie Street between Monroe Street and Jefferson Avenue between the International Health Studio and the Carl H. Blank Beauty Salon. Caeser’s relocated to 725 Jefferson in the mid-1990s, moving into the old Burt’s Theatre building, a Venetian inspired playhouse, at Jefferson and Ontario Streets.

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Maumee Valley Hospital (Hospital of M.C.O.T.)

2025 Arlington Avenue

The Lucas County/Maumee Valley Hospital began service to the poor and indigent adults and children of the city and county in May, 1931. Originally known as the Lucas County Hospital and Nurse’s Home, construction began in January, 1930 on the former grounds of the Northwestern Insane Asylum and Lucas County Infirmary.

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Food Town

Wayne Street Food Town, c1963.

1703 Wayne Street (at Western Avenue).

This Food Town was built in 1960 and located on the north side of Swan Creek, across the creek from Highland Park. It was built on the former site of a cemetery, St. Peter’s Graveyard. The store’s Grand Opening was in December of 1960. Wayne Street was later renamed Airport Highway. The store’s first manager was Donald Miller. The store was closed in 2003. Now a Save A Lot.

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