Hi-Q Billiards, 5083 Monroe St.

According to Toledo Blade obituaries, Hi-Q was once owned and operated by Duane Phillip “Dewey” Post, possibly in the 1970’s. Ohio Secretary of State filings note Hi-Q Articles of Incorporation being filed by Lawrence Kahan on August 24, 1984. The business was dissolved by Marjorie Kahan in 1993. Location later became Davey K’s Joint. Façade has since been remodeled and location was recently vacant/for lease.

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Motor Head, Alexis Park.

Motor Head was a hangout in the Alexis Park parking lot at the corner of Lewis and Alexis roads in the ’80s. According to a 1989 Toledo Blade article the location was “dubbed ‘Motor Head’ after the kids’ persistent cruising. Motor Head has been a teen hangout for years, but police say its popularity has dwindled and that crime was not as common there as it is at Southwyck.”

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“Xanadu,” or Gibbs Bridge

“Xanadu,” or Gibbs Bridge (over Tenmile Creek) on Gibbs Road just north of Sylvania-Metamora.”The victims of a nasty car accident haunt this bridge. Aside from the noises of their final moments (squealing tires, breaking glass), laughter is heard here at night, and dark figures will sometimes pursue people who walk across. Gibbs Bridge is also home to another legend. This one claims that a man was decapitated by two of his classmates, they drug a fishing line across the middle of the bridge during the 1970’s and waited for him to cross on his motorcycle. When he did, he was decapitated. Somehow this story became known as Xanadu and many people claim that by flashing your headlights three times, you’ll hear the sounds of a motorcycle quickly followed by a man screaming.”