1012 Huron Street

Toledo Lucas County Public Library, Local History and Genealogy, 1955.

1012 Huron was built in 1860. It was located in Toledo’s Vistula Historic District. The home was owned by Samuel and Anna Maltz c1948. It was later owned by their son Leo Maltz c1959. It switched many hands over the decades before being demolished in 2023. It was deemed to have “no features of architectural or historic significance.”

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1661 Western Avenue

Built in 1902. Located on the south side of Western Avenue, just east of Airport Hwy (formerly, Wayne St). Property backs up to Swan Creek, and Highland Park beyond that. This home became a duplex later with upper and lower units. A door to the upstairs unit was added to the front of the home. It appears a more recent stairway to the second floor unit was added to the back. In the winter months of the early 1970’s a huge snowman was built on the front lawn. It made the papers.

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A House Story

3244 Fairbanks Ave.

The house at 3244 Fairbanks (southeast corner of Fairbanks and Goodhue) used to sit on the south side of Central Avenue at present day Fairbanks, before the “Central Avenue Strip.” Fairbanks, on the south side of Central Avenue, didn’t exist at that time. Actually two houses were moved from that location and driven down Fairbanks and placed on prebuilt foundations. The other was the house now at 3243 Marsrow (southwest corner of Marsrow and Goodhue).

Image of the house when located on Central Avenue. Image taken from Central Avenue.
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