July, 1975

133 N. Erie St.

The original Caesars opened in the mid-1970s. It was owned by Joseph C. Wicks and located in the 100 block of Erie Street between Monroe Street and Jefferson Avenue between the International Health Studio and the Carl H. Blank Beauty Salon. Caeser’s relocated to 725 Jefferson in the mid-1990s, moving into the old Burt’s Theatre building, a Venetian inspired playhouse, at Jefferson and Ontario Streets.

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Maumee Valley Hospital (Hospital of M.C.O.T.)

2025 Arlington Avenue

The Lucas County/Maumee Valley Hospital began service to the poor and indigent adults and children of the city and county in May, 1931. Originally known as the Lucas County Hospital and Nurse’s Home, construction began in January, 1930 on the former grounds of the Northwestern Insane Asylum and Lucas County Infirmary.

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Dr. Williams Office

 3409 N. Holland Sylvania Rd.

Dr. T.J. Williams medical building was located on the northwest corner of Bonsels Pkwy and Holland-Sylvania Rd. The property was purchased by Dr. Williams from Charles Kimple in November 1965. Kimple had owned the property since 1937. It assume the building was built between 1965 and 1969. June Njaims (retired 1992) was office manager for 29 years.

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Rosemary Apartments

3632 N. Detroit Ave.

The Rosemary Apartments (Sold 1983. Closed 2007. Demolished 2023) was built in 1930 and owned by Dolphus J. Marleau, who owned the D.J. Marleau Hardware Company (created 1889), once located at Collingwood and Detroit. The Rosemary Apartment building was named after D.J. Marleau’s granddaughter and was built on the south side of the Ottawa River. When the river was shifted (c1969) to make way for the new Lagrange to Central expressway section, and Phillips Road extension, the building was then located on the north side of the river.

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Economy Garage, 6106 W. Central.

Large single story concrete block garage located on the northwest corner of Central and Fairbanks. Opened 1929/30. Operated by William and Albena Sysok (b1903-d1985) from Scranton, PN, who also lived next door to the business. Closed 1951. Later became Central Farm Stores (1954-1958). For sale in 1967-68. Likely purchased by George Ballas around 1970. Became George Ballas GMC Motor Home Division (1975-1980). Demolished in the 1980s.

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