Sylvania Township Police

4927 Holland-Sylvania Rd.

Established January 1, 1960. Police and related staff moved to a new facility at 4420 King Road in late 1990.

1989 Ford Crown Victoria

The first patrolmen were Leslie M. Paschen, Ernest Hall, Carl Hovey, Charles H. Warnke and Clifford Keeler, and Gerald Ganzel (Head of the Department). A used car, equipped with a radio, was provided to Ganzel. Part-time help had to use their own vehicles.

“Sylvania Township Trustees took final steps this week to get the new township police department rolling so that it could begin operations as of January 1. At a special meeting, at which County Court Judge Ira Bame, who hears cases in the township, was a guest, the trustees approved the hiring of the former constables as part time policemen to assist newly appointed Township Police Administrator Gerald Ganzel. At Judge Bame’s suggestion, the five will no longer be known as “constables” since action by the state legislature last year virtually eliminated elected constable forces per se. Hereafter, they will be known as officers or patrolmen”Sylvania Sentinel Herald. January 7, 1960.

Holland-Sylvania station location (circled in brown w/flat roof), 1970s
Former Holland-Sylvania station location. Updated exterior and no flat roof. 2000s

Police Cars

The first police vehicle purchased by the township (1959) for use by township police officers was a used 1956 Chevy from for $995. Additional police cars from the early days:

1960 Ford Interceptor Police Cruiser
1961 Chevrolet four door Sedan
1962 Ford Sedan
1962 Ford Galaxie Mainliner four door Sedan
1963 Bonneville Pontiac four-door Sedan
1963 Pontiac
1964 Ford Custom Guardian Police Cruiser
1965 Ford
1966 Ford
1967 Ford
1968 Plymouth
1969 Fords
1970 Plymouths
1971 Chrysler Plymouths
1972 Plymouth Fury
1973 Plymouths
1973 Ford Custom 500
1972 Plymouth
1974 Plymouth Fury
1974 Plymouth Sedans.
1975 Jeep
1976 Ford Model Custom 500
1976 Dodge Monaco
1976 Plymouth Fury

Ford Crown Victoria (King Road)
King Road