308 Main Street.

How it all got started on Main Street…


1988: A New Beginning


The first concert at Frankie’s was held on Valentine’s Day, 1988. The first show featured two local bands, Euro-K from Toledo and Tangent Image from Detroit. 114 people showed up. The first national act booked at the club was A Flock of Seagulls, in November, 1988.

12-29-1988 “Yuppie Mod Crowd”

Frankie’s Inner City & DJ’s from the Early Days.

Frankie’s Inner City (aka the basement)

Frankie’s Inner City (aka the basement)

“The basement was an entire different world.”

“A basement bar and dance floor where the only lights emanated from old TV’s hung on the walls with nothing but static on the screens.”

“I loved going and watching shows there.. especially the basement.”

“Had some great djs roll through down there.”

“Don’t remember too many concerts there. I was always in the basement.”

“I vividly remember sneaking out of my house starting in the summer between 10th and 11th grade to go to the basement on Wednesday nights. Summer of 89. Damn the music was great.”

“The people on that trip were aged anywhere from their 40’s to their 60’s. Most of them brought up the subject of ‘that basement in that bar’ in Toledo every time I saw them after that. I think a couple of them were actually scared.”

“Started going to shows there around 93 or 94 and discovered the basement by accident. I will never forget going down there for the first time. It instantly became my new favorite place to go every weekend.”

Inner City DJ’s from the Early Days: Pioneers of the House and Techno scene in Toledo

Derrick “Drivetrain” Thompson

Derrick Thompson is founder of Soiree Records International, Detroit’s underground music launchpad. Later establishing the techno label, Xplor Music, Thompson expanded his growing influence in electronic music. Creating an endless repertoire of quality, groud-breaking tracks ranging from house and techno to downtempo and experimental, has brought about a continuous demand for Thompson’s music from labels, major and independent, around the globe. Behind the decks, Derrick Thompson has electrified dance floors around the planet for more than a decade. His dynamic, energetic mixing technique along with his undeniably impeccable track selection has ignited crowds at the world’s most highly acclaimed clubs and venues. Derrick Thompson has validated himself internationally as a musical powerhouse. – found here.

Boomer “Omegaman” Reynolds

Boomer “Omegaman” Reynolds grew up in the northern most reaches of Toledo, putting him 30 minutes from Detroit at its electronic music prime. Not relating with anything in his suburban surroundings, Boomer found himself connecting to music with an urban origin. A sophomore in high school, he started DJing when he was 17 and at the brink of hip-hop and breakdance culture. His early influences include the music of the Sugar Hill Gang and Al Green and shows like Soul Train. In the mid-’80s, electronic music was beginning to surface on the dance scene and make its way to radio. Boomer attended Ohio’s Bowling Green University while latching slowly onto the electronic, industrial-dance sounds of Ministry. He started DJing college parties and showed his diversity by playing bass in a punk rock band. After a series of events, some soul searching lead to Boomer’s decision that music was turning into more than just a hobby.

In the late ’80s, Reynolds spent most of his time in the basement of Detroit’s St. Andrews, at the infamous Shelter. Boomer was drawn towards the house sounds of Kevin Saunderson, Scott Gordon, and Blake Baxter. At the height of the 808-driven rave sound in 1990, Boomer decided that producing house music was where he was most comfortable and passionate. Through the nights at the Shelter, he met Richie Hawtin, who asked Reynolds to accompany him on a couple DJ dates. His unique, bass-lathered house and disco sound lead the way for him to play alongside such talents as Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Moby, and 808 State. – found here.

Todd “Sandman” Perrine

For 28 years as a dj, Todd Perrine has had a love for music of any genre. Whether it be Disco, Punk, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, or House …he is all about enjoying the music. Living in Toledo,OH for most of his life has given him the opportunity to witness the evolution of House Music over the years from it’s early beginnings to the Worldwide sound it is now. Today Todd Perrine lives, breathes, and eats the music he has grown so much to love. Whether djing in his basement, at a bar for 10 people or at an event for 100’000 people…Todd is a dj at heart that simply enjoys it all. “I love becoming one with my music and sending out such a vibe that it has the ability to touch one’s soul”. In the early days he was content listening to mixtapes, collecting vinyl, and djing at friends houses to get some practice in. “Everywhere and anywhere I could get my hands on a set of turntables and a mixer to hone my skills”. After 2 years of practice a club opened up called Frankies where he landed a residency at for more than 10 years. Found here.


RIP Frankie’s?

“Is Frankie’s Inner-City on the verge of its last bow?”

Changes are on the way for Frankie’s Inner-City in east Toledo. The folks at the helm of the music venue are stepping down, making room for some new faces to come in and hopefully take the reins. But, until someone steps up to run the place, the venue over on Main Street will close its doors after its final show, aptly called “The Celebration of Frankie’s,” on Saturday. – 11/27/2019. Found here.


June 9, 2023

Goin’ Way Back: Before Frankie’s on Main

1320 Adams Street

Before there was Frank Andriaccio’s Frankie’s on Main Steet in the mid-1940s, there was Andriaccio’s Frankie’s Nite Club at 1320 Adams Street at 14th Street (later the Marrimac Nite Club) in the 1930s, where Ray Jacobs, brother of famous actor Danny Thomas, was the MC.

1300 block of Adams, 1975.