3541 Holland-Sylvania Rd.


This house was located between the Driftwood Lounge (Frontier Bar) and the railroad tracks (University Parks Trail). It was built c1945.

In 1945 it was home to Mary Costello. In 1953 it was home to Aletha and Roy Jones who also owned Jones’ Friendly Market and the Frontier Bar next door. In 1972 Richard and Catherine Billian purchased the property and operated the Frontier Bar. They sold the property to the bank in 1981. In 1986 it was purchased by Irving C. Beroske. The house sat empty while the Frontier was renamed the Driftwood Lounge, which operated into the late 1990s. The property was again sold. The house was demolished to make way for a massive metal barn that was attached to the rear of the bar. The bar and barn have changed many hands over the years.