“Xanadu,” or Gibbs Bridge

“Xanadu,” or Gibbs Bridge (over Tenmile Creek) on Gibbs Road just north of Sylvania-Metamora.”The victims of a nasty car accident haunt this bridge. Aside from the noises of their final moments (squealing tires, breaking glass), laughter is heard here at night, and dark figures will sometimes pursue people who walk across. Gibbs Bridge is also home to another legend. This one claims that a man was decapitated by two of his classmates, they drug a fishing line across the middle of the bridge during the 1970’s and waited for him to cross on his motorcycle. When he did, he was decapitated. Somehow this story became known as Xanadu and many people claim that by flashing your headlights three times, you’ll hear the sounds of a motorcycle quickly followed by a man screaming.”