Hi-Q Billiards, 5083 Monroe St.

According to Toledo Blade obituaries, Hi-Q was once owned and operated by Duane Phillip “Dewey” Post, possibly in the 1970’s. Ohio Secretary of State filings note Hi-Q Articles of Incorporation being filed by Lawrence Kahan on August 24, 1984. The business was dissolved by Marjorie Kahan in 1993. Location later became Davey K’s Joint. Façade has since been remodeled and location was recently vacant/for lease.

Toledo Blade, 4-24-1975
Toledo Blade, 6-19-1975

“The Glass City Open began in 1984, when Joe Kerr, Larry Kahan and Tom Elder teamed up to create an independent 9-ball event. The first one was held in Hi-Q Billiards and offered a modest $2,400 added to the player entry fees. Kerr was able to attract many of the top players such as Mike Sigel (the first ever champion of the Glass City Open), Kim Davenport, Buddy Hall, Earl Strickland, Wade Crane, Jimmy Mataya and many more.” – Game Over for the Glass City Open June 7, 2006., Online Blog.

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Toledo Blade, 10-6-1994
Billiards Buzz, August 2017
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