Stranahan Elementary School

Built in 1955 on twenty acres which were the gift of Robert Allen Stranahan. Architects McLaughlin and Keil. Opened in Fall of 1956.

The building has four wings constructed perpendicular to the main building, which contains the gymnasium, lunchroom, kitchen, library, and offices. Outside there is a playground, amphitheater, and multiple baseball diamonds. The school borders Wildwood Metropark.

A list of principals:
Ira Baumgartner 1956-1958
Raymond Patterson 1958-1965
Howard Schaetzke 1965-1970
Stewart F. Elder 1970-1980
Earl C. Heath 1980-1985
Jackie Mallett 1985-1987
George Offenburg 1987-1997
Pete Hildebrandt 1997-1998
Robert Biglin 1998-2012
Jeremy Bauer 2012-2021…

New outdoor amphitheater, 10-26-1976