Hing Mee Chop Suey, 6256 W. Central Ave.

Formerly the Swinger Night Club. Owned and operated by Yuk (Hank) Hing Lee. Opened 1979. Closed. Demolished. Currently Taylor Kia parking lot.

Hank, 26, emigrated to the U.S. from China via Trinidad where he was the proprietor of a dry goods shop. He made is home in Toledo, while working at various Chinese restaurants before opening the Hing Mee Restaurant with his sister Mee. The restaurant ran for 11 years before Hank closed the business to work with his Uncle Kim and Aunt Garling Wong at Kim’s Gardens of Novi, Michigan. Hank retired at the age of 65 and spent his remaining years dividing his time between Toledo and Akron with his family. He was an active member of the Asian Senior center of Toledo and spent his free time gardening, observing nature and daytripping. – from obituary.